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Simply providing effective, maintainable & achievable online fitness programmes for busy women and individuals.


Here at Ocean Fit we have created an Online Personal Training platform that provides simple yet effective programmes for women and busy individuals to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of their own home, office, hotel…or anywhere!
The focus is to bring back your desired confidence within both the mind and body.
Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Our mission is for you to feel and become fitter, stronger, sexier and more confident than ever, just by doing 3-4 fitness sessions each week. We will provide you with short, realistic and achievable workouts that you can complete wherever you are. Whether you are stuck at home with young children or in a hotel room travelling with work, these workouts can be completed ANYWHERE

121 Personal Training

6 Week online Body Confidence Programme

4-week Fitness Accelerator Programme

1 and 2 week holiday workouts

Achievable workouts that can be completed anywhere in the world

Support via regular check ins and motivation throughout the week

An invitation to join our exclusive community where you can share support and ideas with others going through similar experiences and programmes as you

Tools to help you feel fitter, stronger, and more confident in just a matter of weeks

1 Week Holiday Motivator


10-14 Day Holiday Programme


4 Week Fitness Accelerator


6 Body Confidence Programme


Our Story

Ocean Fit is an established and reputable name in the town of Whitley bay, situated on the North East coast of England.

It was set up by myself, Aaron Phillips, back in 2016 as a private training studio focussed on personal training and small group training. We have delivered that consistently for over 3 years now, offering many people a high standard of coaching, motivation, support and direction within their fitness journey.

We have changed many lives over the time we have been operating and continue to go from strength to strength each month.

We have helped hundreds of men and women over the years just in our local area and  we are now ready to take Ocean Fit to the next level. Our passion to help more people lead to us creating Ocean Fit Online, delivering an online version of what we have created and provide face-to-face in the Ocean Fit Studio.

Our focus is to help people change their mindset from short term quick fixes to longer term life changing actions.


My programme is set to start ‘Next Monday’ but I want to get started straight away. Is that possible?
If it is a structured programme then your programme will always start on the following Monday. We want you to look through the programme, take any notes, become familiar with the exercises by watching the videos and then get ready for a positive start the following week.
The programme I wish to complete consists of x4 sessions a week and I can’t manage that many.
We want you to succeed at every opportunity so, if that means dropping 1x session per week in order to fit with your schedule then that’s totally fine. But please do not become lazy, the programmes are set up for you to get the best results but you must stick at it.
I am doing the Online Body Confidence Programme but have not received my PDF’s.
If you have not been able to download the PDFs then please email online@oceanfitonline.com and we will email them out to you.
I don’t want my before and after photos put online.
We 100% understand and respect that and would NEVER use any photos without any prior permission. Everybody who is featured on our website and Social media has given consent.
If I do not like it can I have a refund?
Sorry no refunds. Once you have signed up you have then purchased our content and, in some cases, received some valuable PDF files. Please make sue the programme is right for you before purchase. We are confident that you will love it!
I have tried emailing with a query and nobody has got back to me yet.
Please allow 24 hours for one of our Online Team to respond to any emails. If it is URGENT please call us on 07496 899 168 (texts will not be replied too).
“I’ve just finished the 6 week body confidence programme and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My goal was to quit my sugar addiction and to commit to exercising at least three times a week. I have achieved both.”
Michelle Jackson

“I’ve never worked so hard at my fitness but with Aaron’s coaching and encouragements anything feels achievable. Looking forward carrying on now I’ve joined up to the Indoor Fit Camp.”
Annabelle Miller

“I was apprehensive about joining an established group like this – worried that everyone else would be super fit. It turned out that everyone was welcoming and encouraging – and yes, we all have different strengths and abilities but when you see improvement in your own fitness it really does spur you on.”
Jacqui Mcguire

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