Aarons Casino - A new online home workout

Aarons Casino – A new online home workout

Today I pulled out something new, 2 Dice. I like to switch things up as much as possible on my LIVE workouts in order to keep them interesting, keep members engaged and keep us all working without even realising.

I wrote 12 exercises onto the whiteboard, rolled both dice once to choose the exercise and then a second roll to choose the reps, either in reps of 1 or 10… There were 20 rolls in total.






This is what we ended up with…

  1. Hip Thrusts – x 110
  2. Dance Squats x 60
  3. Walls Sit x 80 seconds
  4.  V Sits x 14
  5.  Wall Sit x 60 seconds
  6. Russian Twists x 40
  7. Russian Twists x 70
  8. Squat Jumps x 100
  9. Get Ups x 9 
  10. Tricep Dips x 60
  11. Squat Jumps x 70
  12. Burpees  x11
  13. Get Ups x 6
  14. V Sits x 18
  15. Dance Squats x 90
  16. Tricep Dips x 30
  17. Hip Thrusts x 70
  18. High Knees x 70
  19. Wall Sit x 90 
  20. Get Ups x 9

    Dance Squat – Like a Squat Jump just when you jump land on your feet and cross your legs over and jump back into your next squat
    Get Ups – Hard to describe, if you do not know what these are or find them hard on yourself you can swap them for burpees, but double the reps
    Hip Thrusts – Its up to you where you put your feetThis was my favourite workout to day, let me know how you find it!

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