Client Stories

In their own words

Lucy’s Story

I started Ocean Fit as a newbie, having never been to a gym before. I really wanted to start getting fit and improve my strength.

Prior to joining Ocean Fit, I had lost quite a bit of weight myself but I still wasn’t brave enough to start my fitness journey until I found Ocean Fit. I found other gyms too intimidating and not a good fit for me and my goals.

I lost a further two stone in six months at Ocean Fit and my body changed dramatically. I’ve reached a level of fitness I’m so proud of.

There are so many great things about Ocean Fit but the best thing for me is the supportive and friendly environment which is so unlike other gyms. The coaches are fantastic and will help you smash your goals. The sessions are varied and fun, no two days are ever the same so it never gets boring.

I’ve gained confidence, made some friends for life and I’m fitter and stronger than I ever thought I could be. I’d highly recommend Ocean Fit, it’s such a unique and special place and if you put the work in, you’ll reap the rewards. I’m not exaggerating when I say the six months I spent at Ocean Fit were the best and genuinely changed my life. Thanks for everything!

Sue’s Story

Historically, I had always done some form of exercise, typically Combat, Pump, Step, jogging and swimming. I then had a serious knee injury in 2011 and thought I would never be able to do any form of exercise again. However, whilst on holiday in 2017, I went cycling and discovered that afterwards my knee hurt less, so I began to think about what I could achieve.

So, I signed up for the six-week transformation programme with Ocean Fit and have never looked back. The results have been unbelievable. I didn’t lose any weight, in fact I gained weight but I did lose inches which made people think I had lost weight.

I have gained so much confidence in my ability and have generally felt happier. I no longer have the chronic pain I had put up with for 6 years and feel like I have my fitness future back. My knee doesn’t affect me much at all now which is amazing considering my consultant said I would always need crutches.

I’ve definitely got the fitness bug now, the exercise makes me feel so good it is no longer a chore that I should do, it’s something I want and need to do. My regime has helped my mental health too, especially when going through the menopause.

In the two years I have been a member, Aaron has been totally consistent. He is non-judgemental, enthusiastic without being annoying, encouraging without bullying, kind and compassionate without being gushing. He genuinely wants everybody who walks through the door to achieve their maximum. Above all, he is very professional, you know who’s boss! It goes without saying that Brianne has adopted all these qualities too, moving up to coach from being ‘one of us’ and knowing exactly how we all feel.

There is a real family atmosphere, I’ve made some great like-minded friends. When someone new starts we rally round like mother hens to ensure they feel welcome and motivate and reassure them by recounting how we felt when we first started.

If you’re considering joining Ocean Fit, I’d say make the six-week financial commitment for the Body Confidence Programme, it’s really good value. Once you’ve done that Aaron and his team will guide and encourage you to be part of the group and become the best you can be. I was told I would always need crutches and look at me now!

Hollie’s Story

I like to think I’m a pretty sporty person, I love running, tennis, cycling and yoga. After a neck injury in the summer of 2018 however, I stopped all of that. I found it super difficult to get motivated to do anything, I was sluggish, getting ill all the time and my cheese scone addiction was beginning to show. My goals were to get back into the routine of exercising regularly, to feel stronger again and to hopefully shift a few kilos.

So, I signed up with Ocean Fit, managing 5 sessions per week for 6 weeks (except for two bank holidays!). Not only did it become the thing I enjoyed most about my day, but I certainly felt stronger and whilst I lost zero kilos, I did drop two dress sizes, back to where I was at 18! There were extra bonuses, like actually thinking about what I was eating (eating more!) and drinking more water which definitely helped me from not suffering with every bug and cold going!

I hadn’t ever done anything like this before. I had been doing yoga more recently which was great for the mind but didn’t have the same exercise endorphin feeling (although maybe I was doing it wrong?). I’ve certainly proved my husband wrong, he said I would never manage it. After face planting the floor on day one doing press ups, I can now do them properly. The buzzing mood (or annoying, depending on who it’s inflicted upon) you get after sessions, regardless of how pooped you might be is amazing!

Aaron, Brianne and the other Ocean-Fitters are lovely people. If you’re thinking about joining, I’d say, yes, yes, yes! Make yourself happier, healthier, leaner and stronger by getting to jump, push and throw stuff and yourself around for fun!

Nikki’s Story

Before working with Aaron, I hadn’t done any exercise consistently, ever. I was overweight, unfit and felt terrible. I knew I needed to start looking after my body, but simply didn’t know where to start.

I had joined gyms previously but found them intimidating. Particularly as I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing. I’ve always struggled with self-motivation, so my workouts were very half hearted and then I’d gradually stop going but still keep paying my gym membership!

Finally, I decided enough was enough and that I needed personal training if I was going to succeed. I started doing some research, looking for a small, local gym where I wouldn’t feel the fear and intimidation I’d felt previously. Ocean Fit was recommended to me so I looked them up and decided to give it a go. I’ve never looked back!

Ocean Fit is the best decision I’ve ever made. Aaron has kept me motivated ad wanting to come back, week after week. I’ve been attending 1-2-1 sessions now for 2 years. I love our sessions as they are so varied and I never know what challenges I’m going to face.
I feel so much better, not just health wise but also from a confidence perspective. I feel fitter, I’ve lost weight and have even had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes (which felt great!). Just having that commitment to attending two sessions per week makes me feel healthier.

Aaron is patient and understanding but always challenges you to deliver more. He pushes you to be the best you can be but without being ‘in your face’. I can’t recommend Ocean Fit and their approach highly enough.
To anyone considering Ocean Fit, do it! I assure you; you will not regret it. Everyone involved with Ocean Fit is supportive, welcoming and positive. I can’t imagine my life without it now.

Caroline’s Story

Before joining Ocean Fit, I wanted to lose weight and tone up. I’d been a member at other gyms and attended some classes but I wasn’t exercising consistently and I had nobody to motivate me and keep me going. I found the class sizes too big so the instructors weren’t really checking that everyone was doing the exercises correctly and nobody really spoke to you.

It is more personal at Ocean Fit. Aaron and Brianne always make me feel motivated and set realistic challenges for me to complete. Every session is different and I enjoy every one! Aaron sets little motivators such as client of the month etc.

Since joining Ocean Fit, I’ve lost inches, my body shape has changed in a good way and I have more muscle tone. It’s the only time of the day where I don’t have to think about anything else, it’s ME time. I can fit sessions in around my family and work. Everyone is friendly and I’ve made some great new friends. My morning session sets me up for the day, it makes me feel good about myself and in a good and happy mood all day!

If you want to feel motivated, valued, to make friends, get fit, feel confident in yourself, tone up an be part of a great team I would totally recommend Ocean Fit.